PostHeaderIcon Improve Your Kitchen

Design element to look for—, moldings, window and ceiling coverings, floor, cabinetry, and trim. These makes color of the kitchen space dynamic. The chandelier over dining table, cabinet pulls and drawer or wooden microwave storage cart can be painted. Explore the possibility.

Better Kitchen

Better Kitchen

Examine the kitchen surfaces and decide what needs to be spruced. Painting Cabinetry in an array of decorative touches. Contrast backsplash powerfully against the cabinetry of deeper color and stenciled motifs.

Kitchen surfaces can be painted by freehand techniques (stripes, dots, etc…).The color the cabinetry, wall covering, and countertop should be monochromatic. Paints of High-gloss latex are suited for kitchen cabinets.

Unify or integrate appliances, Color schemes, countertop materials furnishings, floor, and window treatments etc. to make kitchen design beautiful.

Finding the focal point of the kitchen space makes the space management easier and better. The layout of elements, the easy movement, accessibility to utensils, cooking and food apparatus, makes a kitchen design functional and beautiful.

PostHeaderIcon Select The Right Furniture

Furniture is the main key to a well decorated home.


The types of furniture you choose can also defines and add style to your home.

  • Try to get discounted furniture that is sold out after a time period.
  • Always choose two smaller sofas instead of one large couch.
  • Try buying used home furniture; add a little bit of work & turn the furniture it to a personalized décor style.
  • Buy the living room’s furniture accessories in pairs. It gives continuity or a smooth flow
  • Always keep the color scheme throughout the home as the same as it can be
  • Choose furniture which has storage space capacity in it. It will help cut out extra space.

PostHeaderIcon Tips For Living Room

Living Room is a lounge or a cozy room for relaxing, entertaining guests, reading, gossiping.etc.

It has the minimum equipments which consists of comfortable sofas, table, chairs, rack, television , compact disc players etc.

Perfect Living Room

Perfect Living Room

Tips for decorating your living room :-

  • Use a Faux Fireplace.
  • Provide handy storage unit
  • Use Mini-blinds
  • Use highlighting lights
  • Add Painting wood work
  • Put up a Display Tray
  • Use similar color or same solid fabric
  • Hang up a Picture Frame

PostHeaderIcon Basic Master Bedroom Design

The size of every master bedroom differs and it affects the design. Decorate your master bedroom as the best because it is the heart of your home.

Basic Design To Follow : -

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Floor Plan

Size is everything that matters in the floor plan. If your consulting an architect or an interior designer, do exactly what they’ve designed for you cause they know best.

But if you are the designer yourself, First lay out the floor plan. The basic an most important thing to be kept in mind is the lightening effects. Always give out a good amount of light to enter in the master bedroom. Also do remember not to leave negative spaces while designing the floor plan.

The Start
The biggest decision is to decide where the placement if bed, and where it faces. Beds usually gets shoved in the corner or even against a wall. Actually this makes the room really cramped.

The perfect and the main key to the placement of bed is the view and access since you’ll wake up every morning to see the view of the beauty of the world surrounding you. Place it up facing the window so that you get to see the view or scenery each morning. And when stepping out of bed visualize what you would like to see —a dressing table, view, sun light or an open space? Then place up the furniture according to it.

PostHeaderIcon Kids Room

While designing a kids room, it should be design as such that it has enough space, light and a perfect arrangement of furniture so that it becomes perfect for a playing arena since kids tends to play more often.

Tips for a perfect kids room:-

  • Storage areas for the kids toys.
  • Furnitures with safe to play features.
  • Space
  • Enough Light
  • Colourful (bright colors)
  • Good bedding

PostHeaderIcon Furnitures Arrangements



Arrange furniture by using empty space in any room according to your floor plan.

Always remember to leave a 100cm gap for walking or to move comfortably without bumping any furniture which you have laid.

Also do leave good space around doorways, if not the furnitures around may look over crowded. Also do not crowd the space at the living room, as living room is usually made for relaxation.